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Shall we Trade? 【over 1Kgkg】

Shall we Trade? 【over 1Kgkg】

【My stamps】

①On paper Japan commemorative stamps 2019-2014 

②On paper Japan commemorative stamps All year 



 Off paper Any country

 especialy EU,Rossia US,Aisa

 Any off paper mainly commemorative please 



【Trade Rate】

Me:You 50:100 (it's basically) 

※ex:japan stamps 10kg , your off paper 5kg 


【How to start】

1.You can buy this items


2. Please massage me : 


   Tell me your stamps ! 


3.First, I'll sent you my stamps (It'll take 2-3weeks)

※I'll give you tracking No 


4. Recieve my stamps , Please sent me your stamps with tracking No.


I wish trade with you ! 


Thanks & Regards 

Kitaya from Japan 


My address

101-4 Nagareda Onma Mito Toyokawa city Aichi  Japan 441-0311






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